21st Century Designer; Assignment One

For Assignment One, I decided I would be more comfortable uploading photos of my home, rather than myself when I was younger. I wasn’t sure how much someone could read from photos of my home, but was interested to find out. I was surprised by the other team’s findings; finding that some of the results were quite accurate to who I am as a person. I had never realised that my bedroom could give so much away about my personality and how I act.

In all honesty I didn’t feel as if I was necessarily prying into people’s private lives as it was them who had taken/chosen the photos that we had to analyse. Therefore we were only getting to see what they wanted us to. However it was interesting the amount of information my group and I were able to glean from the photos.

I was quite uncomfortable with the idea of people seeing my childhood photos and opted to take photos of my home instead. The idea of people viewing my house was much less invasive than seeing me whilst growing up. I may have also been slightly apprehensive about what people would think of me if posting myself as a child; it was easier to me to show of my bedroom, something not so personal.

Some ethical considerations probably come down to how much you can delve into someone’s life without becoming too personal. There are certain lines you definitely wouldn’t be able to cross. For example, analysing photos of a home is very much different from entering that same home and snooping through cupboards and drawers. So, within the research there has to be boundaries between genuine research and just plain intrusive meddling.

Johari Window (impressions the group got of me from my photos)


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