Es Devlin; Contextual Research

As part of my contextual research, I have been looking at the set designer Es Devlin. I wanted inspiration for spacial interiors, rather than objects placed within an interior space, and she seemed like one of the perfect people to look at. Her website, was rather spectacular and showed the wide variety of projects she had been involved with; including the set for the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

PROGRESS-12I found quite a few of her pieces to be really helpful and relateable to the work I was carrying out. I really liked the Take That concert set. I had been to the concert during the summer and was blown away by the whole show, so to find the designer who had actually created the set was pretty great! I really liked how she used the space and created something so imposing and impressive.


I also really like the set for a Midsummer Night’s Dream, finding the layering of objects relatable to what I have been doing in my own work. I’m really happy that I have found Devlin’s work and been able to integrate it within research as she is clearly a very talented designer.


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