Textiles Student; DJCAD

This semester the module that we have been given is Border Crossings. This module focuses on national identity and what that means to us as individuals. When I was first handed the brief I was unsure as to what I could do, since my family history doesn’t seem compelling enough to base an eleven week project round. But I still wanted to somehow make the connection between my project and my parents, since they are so important to me and have shaped who I am. This led me to looking at both my parent’s careers (which have always been very familiar to me growing up). I first looked at my mother’s job in nursing but was stumped on how to move the ideas into sketchbook material. I then looked at my father’s old job which he had been part of for 20 years. He used to work building train and truck engines. I thought this seemed like quite a fascinating subject and a leap away from my usual subject matter of natural form.

Train from the museum

To begin my project I visited the Riverside Museum of Transport in Glasgow to do some location drawing to kick start my sketchbook. Primary research is always one of the most crucial points in a project, so I spent the majority of my day wandering around the museum and sketching the various trains and engines on display. I also took many photos for my secondary research which would come in helpful later on in the project.

The museum was quite an astounding place and definitely fueled my enthusisam for the subject matter I had chosen. Many ideas were coming to me as I sketched and it was a very enjoyable day.

Train Section

A sketch of the driving compartment


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