21st Centurt Designer; Assignment 2

For assignment 2, my group and I decided to all try making our own ink blots and then deciding which was the most successful. We ended up choosing Hannah’s because hers looked the most interesting. With this image we went and asked various people what their first impressions of the image was; with no clue as to why we were asking or who we were. We got varied answers in return (some that were not expected at all!). These answers included:

  • man dancing
  • frog
  • scorpion
  • crab
  • spider’s face
  • bull’s face
  • man or woman falling off a skateboard (twice!)
  • a wildebeest

When looking at the ink blot for ourselves, my team and I decided that the image most resembled a crab and decided this was what we wanted people to see. So we added a claw and whites of the eyes and went out and asked people again. Our test was pretty successful, even with the slightest of elements added to our ink blot everyone reached the same conclusion; a crab.

original ink blot (no edits)

ink blot with edits (eyes and claw)


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