Rita Parniczky; Contextual Research

Another designer that I came across I was doing my contextual research was Rita Parniczky, specialises in woven textiles. What was really interesting about her work was that she used X-ray as a technique, to let the layers of weave shine through one another. Parniczky offers a description on her website of how her technique works (linked above):

“X-Ray Fabric© is entirely hand-woven using an innovative weave technique I have developed in order to manipulate the warp threads and cause special effects to them. The technique forces the threads to move out of their usual place drawing detailed patterns across the material.

X-Ray Fabric© could be described as the skeleton of a fabric. It shows off the vertical threads (warp) that are often hidden in a woven fabric. I use unusual yarn combinations to create a translucent material with intricate details.”

I find the fabrics that she creates really pretty and quite relevant to what I have been looking at within the layering of my drawings. I like the idea of creating layers and being able to see through one layer to another. This idea stemmed from the wheels on the train and how you can look through the spokes of the wheel and see parts of the engine beneath. So, with the see through quality of Parniczky’s work I feel it relates to my idea.


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