Sketchbook; Primary Drawing (continued)

(from l to r): pastel, pencil and watercolour paint

Most of my original drawings at the beginning of my sketchbook and all been monochromatic as the train engines never offered up much colour other than black, white and grey. So I realised that I needed to introduce colour that I would be able to develop from later on. I noticed that some of the train parts were coppers or burnished golds, so I showed this with the pastel drawing to the right. I also tried adding subtle reds and purples to the greys I was making to give a bit of warmth to the drawings. I feel like the colour is quite successful, but at this point in my sketchbook needs a bit more work.

I also like the layering of drawings on this page which is something I don’t tend to do in other sketchbooks. The layering also relates to what I began to look at with the train wheels and how you could see the engine between the spokes.

acrylic paint, quink ink and bleach

This idea led me to the drawing on the right; which is two pages layered together. First, I drew the wheel on one page before cutting out the sections I didn’t want. I then painted it up with some acrylic paint (the colour inspired from a photo I had taken from the museum). For the page below, I added acrylic paint in pipe like shapes to imitate the train engine and then added the quink ink on top before working over it all with bleach.

I really liked the outcome of this drawing and thought it brought an interesting twist to my work (which I decided to pursue in my development work).


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