Sketchbook; Primary Drawing

An important beginning for any project brief, is the initial research. So, location drawing, drawing from objects and research of your chosen subject. For me, I visited the Riverside Museum of Transport and drew many different sections of trains and engines.

charcoal drawing of train section

This was one of my initial drawings completed in the museum. It is a close up of one of the mechanisms that makes the wheels turn on steam engine trains. I find the angular shapes quite interesting (even though the hexagonal shape was pretty difficult to get right!) It is also a far cry from the type of subject I would usually choose; normally preferring to pick natural forms as I find them easier to draw. But I did enjoy the challenge that I set myself by choosing industrial objects.

Fine line pen; continuous line drawing

I tried to use different techniques whilst recording my data, depending on what I liked about the objects I had chosen to draw. I’m quite fond of using fine line pen, and think it looks nice when doing continuous line. I also limited myself to five minutes to complete this drawing.

I really liked the shapes of this section and how it all fit seamlessly together.

However I feel that some of my drawings completed that day were a bit safe, which I have been guilty to in previous sketchbook work; so when I returned to the studio I tried to loosen up a little and be more expressive in what I was trying to draw.

quink ink and bleach; close up of train sections.

I like to experiment with quink ink and bleach within my work; really liking the results that it provides. I also thought that it gave quite an industrial look to my work, which of course is what I was looking for. I feel that from this point on my drawing got more of a direction and became better inspiration for the development work that I would be starting on.

quink ink, bleach and acrylic paint.

Another technique that I quite liked was in the drawing to the left. I mixed up a bright copper colour in acrylic paint and added it to a plain page in my sketchbook in a rough shape of the object I was focusing on. Once dried I then added the quink ink on top which muted the colour of the paint. Once dry I went over it with the bleach, adding the highlights and adding low lights with black paint. I thought it was quite successful and much more expressive than my other drawings.


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