Sketchbook; Development (continued)

sketchbook development; complete drawing.

My second attempt at my layering drawing was much more successful than the first. I feel that the colours work better together in this as I put more thought into what I wished it to look like.

The first layer is the grey section (which turns the wheels on the train). I did this with chalk pastels and really like the contrast between the blue-greys and red-browns. I feel that this level of detail worked more in my favour than trying to be simplistic like in the drawing before (in the previous post).

sketchbook development; middle section of drawing.

The second layer is of the wheel; the colour of which was inspired by a photograph of  train that I had taken whilst visiting the Transport Museum. I took a lot more time in drawing this than the previous one and I feel that that definitely helped improve the look of my drawing. I feel like the colour of the blue also went well with the greys in the picture above.

sketchbook development; bottom section of drawing.

For the final layer, I painted a sheet in my sketchbook with the Quink ink and, once dried, I added lines of bleach; representing a part of the engine beneath the wheel. I feel that using the bleach gives quite an industrial feel which really suits my subject matter.

Overall this drawing was much better and gave me a better idea as to where I wanted to take my project. I realised from this that the scale (A3) was slightly to large to make a really successful drawing; so from then I decided to half the size to continue with my development. It also gave me a taste of what colours I wished to use for my colour palette.


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