Sketchbook; Colour Palette

For any project, one of the important factors is the colour palette that will be used when developing your work and then leading on to final samples. From my subject matter I thought that at first there wasn’t much in the way of colour; mostly greys and blacks. But then I realised than some of the old fashioned steam engines had brightly coloured bodies. This inspired me to add brighter colour to my scheme and decided to visit the yarn store to make yarn wrappings with different colour ways.

I created two separate colour ways whilst in the yarn store. One was with a bright blue and ochre yellow. The other with green and bronze. I feel that both are pretty successful along with the greys, but I much prefer the greys, blue and yellow. I feel the blue and yellow stand out well enough from the greys to create a nice contrast. I also like how well the different shades of grey work together. I’ve decided that this will definitely be the colour palette I go with.

When I added these yarn wrappings to my sketchbook, I then mixed up gouche paint to replicate the colours. This way I’d be able to work with the colours in my sketchbook and they would be really similar to my chosen yarns. I also noted beneath each box of colour how I created it; that way I can always reference back when continuing with my development.


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