21st Century Designer; Coffee Time! (Prep for Assignment 3)

Today, as part of my preparation for Assignment 3, I visited Costa Coffee Shop and made observations of the patrons. This part of the assignment was obviously a lot less daunting than visiting the bingo hall, since going to a coffee shop is something that I have done many, many times before.

I didn’t gain as much information from this visit as I did the bingo the other night, but that may be because being in the coffee shop isn’t a new experience therefore it isn’t as easy to notice everything going on because of being so used to being in the environment.

I did gain some information though, including;

  • sociable atmosphere.
  • majority of tables for two.
  • great range of ages varying from young couples/families to older couples.
  • one person usually queue’s whilst the other finds and saves a table.
  • costa card to encourage people to come back.

It was quite interesting using these observational skills in such a familiar setting and seeing what I could glean from it.


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