Sketchbook; Development (continued)


fine line pen; section circled with red is what I have chosen to focus on.

Continuing the idea of layering, I began creating images that would be easier translated into knit when in the knit room. I ended up using inspiration from the center section of this drawing. I like the lines and shapes created by the pipes and thought something interesting could be created by including the layering idea that I had came up earlier in my development.

bc sb 33

sketchbook development

One of my favourite techniques to use, is quink ink and bleach. I love the colour it makes and just think it makes a really nice look and texture. So, I used this along with sheets of card I had painted up in my chosen colour palette. Halfing the A3 page of my sketchbook, I painted up one layer with linseed oil (which gives the paper a translucent quality) and the layer underneath I painted up with quink ink. I then cut into the linseed layer and added strips of colour to the quink ink page. Lastly I added strips of bleach to the ink.

I feel it’s been quite a successful progression through my development and much easier to envision these drawings being translated into knit.

bc sb 35

sketchbook development

bc sb 34

sketchbook development

bc sb 36

sketchbook development


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