Development Work; Knit

In continuation of the previous knits I had completed last week, I further developed the techniques and ideas I wished to use. With each piece I increased the amount of needles I used; the samples from last week only ranging from 20 to 30 needles, whereas these samples were upto 60.

Photo: Semester 2; knit sampleI continued to play around with the tensions on the machine to create both loose and tight knit. I also combined different colours together to create different looks; using more shiny yarns to translate the sheen of the industrial equipment that I had been focusing on in my project. I really like the copper and grey together; thinking that it definitely suits my theme. With this in mind, I ended up using more of the copper and grey combination.

Within this sample I included e-wrap (yellow yarn) and weave (black yarn) both of which I thought worked with my theme. I really like the contrast of the fragility of the copper compared to the chunkiness of the black. I also feel that it matches the previous sample without blatantly copying the other deisgn.

The next two designs included the e-wrap technique, but this time, instead of just doing a line of the e-wrap, I modelled it more into the shape of the hexagon; which can be seen a lot in the industrial world.


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