Banksy Piece Stolen

Slave Labour; Banksy.

A really interesting piece of news that caught my eye recently was the story of the stolen Banksy mural. As seen on the left, it was of a small boy sewing bunting together for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. As with all of Banky’s pieces it gave a strong political message and the people of Haringey, North London (where the piece was taken from) were proud to have one of his art works in their town.

But there was outrage when it was taken and put up for auction in Florida for $700,000 (£460,000). However it was taken from auction moments before it was meant to go and now the people of Haringey are campaigning to have their Banksy returned to them.

I find it amazing that a street artist’s work is so popular that people would steal the very section of wall it’s on and put it up for auction; when usually his pieces get painted over. But I really hope that the people of Haringey get it back because they seemed so proud that Banksy had chosen their little town to put one of his pieces; and it’s not fair that it was taken away from them, for the sake of someone being able to say, “Yes, I have a Banksy.”


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