Dinner Time!

One of my friends (RemyTextiles)  is a vegetarian and always seems to have really lovely sounding meals. In my ignorance I had always thought that vegetarian meals would be boring and lacking because there was no meat. But the more I thought about it, I realised I wanted to try some recipes and set myself the challenge of being “A Vegetarian For a Week”.

Sweet potato, spinach & lentil dahlSo, today was my first day with no meat and my dinner was actually brilliant! I found the recipe on the BBC website, Good Food. It’s sweet potato and red lentil dahl (which I had never previously tried). It was pretty simple to make which is always great because being a student I can get lazy when it comes to cooking home meals. It was delicious and I will definitely be trying it again. And even though it had no meat, it was still filling!

I also noticed that when I went for my food shop this weekend, that the total was cheaper than it usually is; the only difference being that it was all fresh fruit and veg that I had purchased. So, perhaps including more vegetarian food within my normal diet will actually benefit me in more than just my appetite!

I seriously suggest giving this recipe a go!



  1. That looks fantastic! I cut out red meat about a year ago when I got serious about my health and what I was putting into my body. Now I primarily cook vegetarian meals and I love it! Check out my new blog for a few veggie recipes (more to come!)

    1. It was really great! And I’ve looked at some of your recipes, they look pretty awesome, I may give them a go :)!

  2. rachellew · · Reply

    nom nom nom from the meat lover here!

    1. Haha, oh Rachelle ❤

  3. remytextiles · · Reply

    Looking mighty fine 🙂

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