Dinner Time!

Gnocchi with broccoli & parmesan cream sauceFor my dinner tonight I decided to try Gnocchi with broccoli parmesan cream sauce. However I changed the parmesan for just normal cheese (as my friend informed me vegetarians aren’t able to eat parmesan). I was really looking forward to this meal as I had never had gnocchi before but wanted to give it a try. I also have a new found love of broccoli, so having a dish with that as one of the main ingredients was definitely a plus.

Just like the Vegetarian Dahl that I had previously, this dish was really simple to prepare and cook; which is always a bonus when coming in late from university. It smelled really good when I was making it and was looking forward to dishing it up. But sadly after a few mouthfuls I don’t particularly like it. The gnocchi is a really strange texture and doesn’t seem to have much taste and I’m not keen on the tang of the cheese sauce. I’m quite disappointed but at least I have it a go.

Later on in the week, I’ll have another chance to try gnocchi in a different recipe and maybe I’ll like it better; but at this moment in time I’d prefer to just have pasta.


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  1. This looks super yummy!!! Thanks for sharing!

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