Dinner Time!

Kale, mushroom & cashew stir-fryLast night’s dinner was definitely a success compared to Wednesday’s meal! I had kale, mushroom and cashew stir-fry, which I had actually been doubtful as to whether I’d like it; having never tried kale before. But how wrong I was! Not only was the dish ridiculously easy to prepare it tasted amazing! It was sweet and spicy and pretty much mouth watering and is so far my favourite vegetarian meal that I have made.

However in the recipe it did say to use shiitake mushrooms, but I decided to just go with white button mushrooms, which still worked a treat! I also kept the seeds in the chilli which is very unusual for me since I’m not very keen on spice in my food; but having the heat added to the overall flavour of the dish and definitely enhanced it.

I will definitely be reusing this recipe!


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