Hallmark Creative Studio

hmkcreativeuk_1359736887_600Yesterday, we had two employee’s of Hallmark Creative Studio visit the university to give us a talk on their job, what was involved within their company and how we could become apart of it. It was an eye opener as I had never realised that there was so much to the famous Hallmark brand and just how much effort was put into the design of their merchandise.

I had never before realised that they would follow the current fashion trends for inspiration on colour, or that they would make mood boards to help brainstorm their ideas. I thought it was a really interesting sounding job and I think that I definitely wouldn’t mind giving it a try! Hallmark also employ a vast range of different designers from textiles to graphics, from typography to fine art. This seems like such a good contrast of talents and would probably make for a very interesting work place!

We were then shown a video that interviewed the different employee’s of the Bradford Hallmark Studio and it also showed off the studio and it’s different areas; the video just made me want to work there even more. It looked as if it were a very creative and fun place to be; but also offering challenges to keep the artistic mind ticking!

Another great thing that Hallmark get involved in, is New Designers, which is a platform for Degree students from all over the UK to show off their work to prospective employers. It is so great to see a creative company getting involved with such an encouraging event for young graduate designers.

I won’t be involved with New Designers for another 2 years yet; but I hope that such a renowned creative company as Hallmark will still be sponsoring them!


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