21st Century Designer; Assignment 4A: Choose a Topic

In my 21st Century Designer class, we have been assigned or next assignment, “Interviews – but not as we know them“. For the first part of this assignment we have to choose a topic in which to base our interviews on. The list we could choose from was as follows:

  1. What object do people treasure the most? Why?
  2. What does the way someone decorates their living space tell you about them?
  3. What does jewellery mean to wearers, sellers and makers?
  4. How do men and women differ in the way they view the design around them?
  5. How do magazines influence people’s ideas of design and taste?
  6. Why do people go to bingo?
  7. How have students’ dress sense changed since they left home?
  8. How do people accumulate “stuff”?
  9. How do salespeople influence purchases?
  10. How knowledgeable are shoppers about what they are buying?
  11. Or choose your own related to the area you looked at in Semester 1

After reading through this list, I decided the one that was giving me the most inspiration was:

  1. What object do people treasure the most? Why?

I felt that this question held a lot of possibilities and could be interpreted in a number of ways to find out what people’s most treasured item actually is. We are then asked to brainstorm/mindmap the different areas of our chosen question and what we want to find out from people. From doing this, I got quite a few different areas that I can look into that will hopefully produce interesting answers from the people that I will question.

assignment 4a

(click on image to enlarge)


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