Final Samples; Knit (continued)

final knit sample4I began introducing the green yarn that I had taken out after the tutorial at the start of the week and found it to be really successful with the colours I was already using. It seemed to enhance both the copper and greys. Enthused by the outcome, I continued to use the green in my other final samples to create a unity within my work. final knit sample2In the sample on the right, I was experimenting with running to yarns through the machine at once; which creates a really interesting mixed effect and can be quite a spontaneous technique as the yarns seem to switch randomly meaning you never get the same pattern of colour twice. I like this technique and think it makes quite a pretty sample.

During my tutorial, my lecturer had suggested trying to get lines of colour going in different directions rather than just horizontal; so I had thought that I could use both the ‘Weave‘ and ‘E-wrap‘ technique.

Using this technique I produced two really successful samples; however they did take me a lot longer than any of the others I had made. I estimated around 3 to 4 hours for each of these two samples. It was quite an exhausting way to work, but I was so proud of the outcome it didn’t particularly bother me.

final knit sample8 final knit sample


final knit sample9The final sample that I created, combined both the double hem technique and the doubling up of yarn at once; both techniques I had previously used. I feel that this sample has worked well and compliments the other samples that I have chosen as my finals.


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