21st Century Designer; Prep for Assignment 4b

Before conducting my interviews, I have to come up with questions to answer the original query, “What object do people treasure the most and why?”. Working from my mind map has given me quite a few ideas in which I can begin discussions with my interviewees. I have come up with a number of questions which I aim to ask. Although I won’t follow the list religiously; but ask the questions when the discussion permits:

  • Do you have anything of sentimental value?
  • What object means the most to you?
  • What makes this object so important to you?
  • Is there any objects that have been passed through your family?
  • Do you enjoy attending concerts/musicals/trips?
  • Do you save any momentos these concerts/musicals/trips?
  • Are there any birthdays or Christmas’ that stand out to you? (and why?)

I have also been looking at the Service Design Tools website; which gives ideas on how to approach different ideas within Service Design. In using some of their ideas, it could create a more interesting interview and thus more interesting answers than if it were just a normal discussion. I quite like the idea of sketching during the discussion; perhaps asking them to sketch an object which defines them, or they find important. From this questions could be asked to find out more about what makes this object so important. In doing this, it seems a more natural way in which to gain information and people are more likely to be put at ease and thus willing to share their stories.


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