The Evolution of my Colour Palette


my own image from the Riverside Transport Museum; Glasgow

The colour palette that I ended up with in my final knit samples had went through quite a few changes to get to that point. My original colours; based on the shades of grey within the industrial world and the blues and yellows from this image to the right, just didn’t look as good once I started knitting with them. However when I had first begun creating the yarn wrappings, I had also looked into adding both copper and green instead of the blues and yellows. But, at this point within my work I had felt the wrappings with blue and yellow had looked better and more harmonised.

original colour palette

Original Colour Palette

When first going to the knit room after the skills week, I had used the greys, blues and yellows to create small experiment knits. At the small scale and the tentative start into my knits, the colours seemed to work well and I had planned on continuing to use them. But, after talking to one of my lecturers, the texture of the yarns wasn’t quite right; not giving an industrial feel.

second colour palette

Second Colour Palette

With this in mind I ventured to the yarn store to have a nosey at the more shiny looking yarns that I could incorporate within my work. These samples were a lot more successful than the previous set of yarns I had been using; creating much more industrial looking knit. I still wasn’t really happy with the colour palette though and continued to develop it as I went along.

final colour palette

Final Colour Palette

After the tutorial in the final week of knit, I finally got a handle on my colour palette and found a successful combination that created really nice looking knits. I find it quite amusing that I had ended up reverting back to similar colours from my original palette; but instead of going with the blue I had chosen the green palette. I feel that it is a pretty successful colour story and I’m really happy at how these worked within my final samples.

Evolution of my Colour Palette

Evolution of my Colour Palette


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