Knit The City

KTC_phonebox_cosyMuch like Banksy goes out and graffiti’s our public walls and buildings with his amazing artwork; these group of knitters go around and place knits on just about anything! Known collectively as Knit the City, these knitters bring life to parts of the city that would otherwise be drab, boring and souless. They use the city scape as an open art gallery and bring joy and a smile to the daily hussle and bussle of the streets of London.

One quote that stood out to me from their website was:

“Change, and making the world a better place, can be done with a grin instead of a grimace, a whisper instead of a bellow.”

I feel that this just sums up what our lecturers are always telling us about how our work can change something in the world whether it be large or small. And if we have the right thoughts we can put them into action and actually see something being done. Very inspiring.

Each of the members have a hidden identity as such and have very creative names that they go by; Deadly Knitshade, The Fastener, Lady Loop, Shorn-a the Dead Thing and Knitting Ninja. giant_knitted_squidI feel that they’ve brought a great deal of fun back into the art world and it’s nice to see that they are doing it for fun and enjoyment and to share their love of knitting! The art world can seem just too serious sometimes!


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