Window Dressing Designers

As part of my contextual research for my project, I began to look at window dressings for different shops. I wanted to transform the knit samples that I have made into some sort of interior space and thought looking at the window displays would be a big help as they are more like installations rather than making objects for within an interior space. As with my previous post, I had looked into different shops to see how they worked and what their window dressings looked like. However, when it came to my tutorial, my lecturer advised me on looking into designers who specified within this field. I thought this would be a great idea and would no doubt help further my development process. So, I found a company called Millington Associates who specialise in this field of work. I had a look at some of the projects they had undertaken and was really inspired by the work they had created.

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 14.29.53

Banana Republic; Autumn

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 14.34.15

Ralph Lauren Christmas 2011

I really liked the work they had done with Banana Republic on their Autumn collection; finding it to be very eye-catching and dynamic. The tagline for that range had been “Upgrade Your Style” and I feel that they captured this statement perfectly; and in such an unusual and creative way.

Another of their designs that caught my eye was the Ralph Lauren Christmas 2011 window. It was so simple and yet really worked. It’s inspiring to see how a design so simple can still get the right message across and it really suits the elegant side of Christmas celebrations.

Having looked at a number of their projects I have great inspiration on how to tackle this section of my project and turn my knit samples into works in context and hopefully create an idea that is dynamic and eye-catching as this company do!


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