PNC1 Touchpoint

For PNC1, we were given a choice of eight various RSA Student Design Awards Briefs. I decided on the Everyday Well-Being brief as I felt that I could connect to this with my mother being a Mental Health NurseTo begin my brief, I created a mind map of possible routes I could take, but ultimately decided on stress within the workplace, as it’s such a common problem within Britain’s workplaces today.

100_4639 copy

 I began to look at colours and how different colour can have an effect on a person’s emotions. I decided that my colour choice would be based on these ideas, and avoid colours which could increase the stress levels rather than decrease them.


After talking with my mum about ways in which to calm patients down. And one important factor is comforting touch; an item that is textured which can bring calm . So, with being a knitter I took a look at different textured knitting techniques that were interesting.


Throughout my sketchbook, I attempted to draw in texture, using all sorts of mediums to convey this texture. It was interesting drawing in this way because I’m so used to drawing to recreate an object; rather than focusing on just the texture.


100_4686 copy

I visited the yarn store during my research for the project and collected different textured yarns to experiment with and test how they felt when handled. I hand knitted these pieces as a few wouldn’t work through the knit machine; but I also like the more chunky affect that can be achieved through hand knitting.

100_4677 copy

I created these yarn wrappings (left page) to help decide on a final colour way for my samples. I was quite fond of all three and decided to pick my favourite wrappings from each grouping and make bigger versions for my final colour page (right page). I also made yarn wrappings of each colour to show the different varieties of yarns I decided to use. I’ve began making samples on the knit machine, but haven’t been washed or pressed yet so aren’t ready to be photographed.



  1. stephenmurray28 · · Reply

    Lovely Sketch book Kirstin!! You can really see that you have taken the time to work with different colours & textures. The textures remind of James Long’s spring summer 2011 collection. His colours are not the same as yours but he has some lovely textures like your samples so far. Really looking forward to seeing the final piece.

    1. Aw thank you very much Stephen! Oh, I’ll have a look at his work, sounds very interesting :).

  2. remytextiles · · Reply

    Ahhh, I adore your knitted samples! (as you well know.) Colours look lovely together, all those yarn wrappings paid off. 🙂 x

    1. Well thank you very much :D. I’m rather proud of my yarn wrappings x

  3. Hey I really like you’re sketch book! really nice prints and samples! nice and colourful! 🙂

    1. Thank you vert much 😀

  4. adamcooneydesign · · Reply

    I really like the layout and the presentation of your sketchbook pages, as they really help to draw attention to your samples. I also liked the experimental image where you have been drawing in texture.

    1. Thank you! I was actually trying to set out my sketchbook different to how I would usually do it, so I’m happy it’s worked :).

  5. Kirstin i love the textures in your sketchbook, it is also layed out very professionally.

    1. Thanks Callum 😀

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