Everyday Well-Being Presentation Boards.

As this is the last week of the project, I was focusing on my presentation boards. I went through my sketchbook to see what drawings I could photocopy and what knits would be best suited to present. I also made quite a few different yarn wrappings to show the different yarn I used and the colours I had chosen.

for wordpress1This is my concept board, showing an overview of what I had been looking at throughout the project. So the photos are of textured knits that I had been inspired by and photos I had taken at the museum services (of plants that I had drawn). I also included the original colour palette I had looked at and yarn wrappings of the all the yarns I had experimented with in the beginning. At the bottom of the board I also included one of my knit samples that I had done near the beginning and thought that it complimented what I had already put on the board.

for wordpress2My second board has two of my sketchbook drawings that went on to inspire my knit samples. These drawings were taken from dried ferns that I had found in University’s museum services that inspired both the shape and textures of my pieces. I also included yarn wrappings of the yarn I had used, and photos of the original plants.

for wordpress3The third board consisted of another drawing and knit sample, that was a further development of the work on the previous board. It includes more texture and more variation in the types of yarns that I had used.

for wordpress4My final board consists of my final concept and how my knit pieces would be used. The photograph on the bottom half of the board is a photoshopped office where my knits would be put up. It was quite a challenge to get the knits to look like they belonged but I’m pretty happy with the results.final concept1


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