SDC Competition 2014

At the beginning of my new semester, we were given a brief from the Society of Dyers and Colourists of their International Design Competition for 2014. After the difficulty of the last project in semester one (the RSA Competition) it was refreshing to have something different and more textiles orientated to tackle.

Whilst doing research, it took me a little while to get started because I wasn’t sure which theme to take forward and what would keep me interested and inspired throughout the whole project. ImageI ended up choosing to go with both the 60s style and Geometric fashion. Because both the shapes and colours were really inspiring and I felt that I could easily take these ideas forwards and create interesting knit designs. I got my primary research from pattern made within the world, such as drain covers, architecture and stonework. I felt that these sort of areas related to the geometric shapes that I had been looking at in fashion. But in looking at these areas, it didn’t offer much in the way of bright, dynamic colours so ImageI searched for graffiti in my local area and found a whole length of wall with an amazing array of colours and I took many photographs of each section to build up pages of colour work.


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