Snook Talk

Every Friday as part of the Design Enterprise Module, we have a lecture with Professor Mike Press. Not only does he give his own very interesting talks, but invites previous graduates of the university who are currently successful in business to talk about how they got to where they are. Today we had the pleasure of listening to Lauren Currie, a Product Design graduate who now runs a Service Design Company with Sarah Drummond called Snook.


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It was a very interesting and inspiring talk and got me thinking of another area of design that previously I hadn’t really thought of or understood. Lauren’s passion for improving Scotland and her belief in her company definitely made the lecture a great place to be. She also gave us the opportunity to fill in a sheet about where we wanted to be in our future, which let me tell you was pretty terrifying. It’s the type of questions that I’d usually like to avoid and answer with the usual “oh I don’t know.” But I actually did fill the sheet in and it has given me a focus in where I need to improve within myself to be able to make something of myself once I’ve graduated.

We then had to draw the person next to us which ended up being hilarious and made me realise exactly why I didn’t pick fine art! But the aim of this was to be able to write over the drawing of ourselves with pointers on how to better ourselves. I put many comments on that I definitely aim to improve such as: a better online presence, being more positive about my work and also to not worry about being perfect, but to make mistakes and learn from them!
Lauren told us about a great book that I will be purchasing as soon as I’ve post this very post! It’s called Show Your Work, and details how to self promote yourself successfully and the pointers she gave from the book were so helpful! A book for keeps I think.


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