Olly Moss

I always enjoy clever graphic work, whether it be a play on words and interesting typography or a picture within a picture and when I found Olly Moss’ work I fell in love with it! His movie posters are much more interesting than the usual photos of cast members with explosions in the background. And they’re so beautifully done they’re more like pieces of art rather than just movie posters.

Moss has created many different posters for many different films but I think some of my favourites are his Star Wars collection (1) (2). They’re so creative and I love the use of creating an image within the silhouettes of well known characters from the sagas. I also love how simple he can make the posters and yet they still get all the information you need about the movie in a more creative way.

Being a really big fan of both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, I adore the posters he made for these two films. The LOTR (left) is such a clever way to show what the film is about. The colours and silhouettes are simple yet very effective and makes such a stunning piece! The HP (x) poster is probably my favourite (not really surprising) because of his imagery. At first glance, the poster looks like just the iconic image of Harry in his glasses with his famous scar. But on closer inspection Moss has made the scar into a profile of Voldemort. I would have been more than happy if this had been the official poster for the HP series.



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