Tang Yau Hoong

I recently found Tang Yau Hoong’s work and was immediately inspired by his clever drawing technique. In his work he plays around with negative space and drawing pictures within pictures to create work with a meaning that the viewer has to work out. His work is pretty powerful and even though many of the pieces look simple at first glance, the longer you look at them the more little puzzles you can work out and how each section interlocks with another.

I especially love Hoong’s use of negative space and how he can create such dynamic images with such a simple idea. I really liked his piece ‘Red’ (left) which I feel really captured the essence of what Little Red Riding Hood is all about. It’s such a strong image and demonstrates how creative you can be with negative space. His other amazing negative space pieces can be found here (x)

Hoong has also done a quotes series, where he takes inspirational quotes but adds fun and quirky illustrations to them. One of my absolute favourites is this one ‘Sharpen Your Imagination’ (left) which is one of those pieces that when I look at it, it makes me think ‘I wish I’d come up with that!’ Again, like his other works, it’s such a simple concept and yet it creates a very strong and visceral image that really emphasises and enhances the quote.




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    Really brilliant work shared by a lovely blogger. Check out both 🙂

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