David Jay

Whilst browsing through my Twitter feed I came across a BBC link to this report, which talked of the photographer David Jay. Before this I had never heard of him, but decided to look up his work and see what his project, ‘The SCAR Project’ was all about.

I’m most likely not eloquent enough to express my thoughts on how much these simple black and white photographs moved me, but I’ll give it a go. They were so heartbreaking yet powerful and really portrayed the battle many have to fight after the battle with cancer is won. After a long haul of treatment and surgery, the person is left with scars that they have to deal with everyday. And that isn’t something that the media focuses on. The media always focuses on the cures and the battles people face, but never really give thought or insight into what happens after. And I feel these photographs show just how brave and beautiful all these woman are, to show there scars and be proud to be the victors over such a horrendous disease.

Whilst on his website, I had a look at his other project, ‘The Unknown Soldier’ and was yet again moved by the imagery. The country is always so focused on the soldiers who are away fighting in war but never seem to give light to the many sent home injured and, in some cases, mutilated. These photographers give a small insight into just what soldiers sent home have to deal with and I’m astounded by their bravery.


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