Johan Ku

ku-4Whilst doing some research for my fast approaching final year, I came across a very experimentative knitwear designer, Johan Ku.

For my final project the basis of my idea has stemmed from ‘geometric’, which I had began within the SDC Competition brief in 3rd year. When having my talk with my tutors before the official beginning of my summer, they said to expand on the meaning of ‘geometric’, and find something within this wide ranging topic that would excite me and keep me interested for the whole semester. One of the things that I have thought about for my project is to take knitting to a place that I only just scratched the surface with in 3rd year (x); that being creating 3D styled knits that add form to the figure.
Whenever I think of knitting, a lot of the time it’s flat and patterned but doesn’t give any interest to the shape of the body. So in finding Johan Ku’s work it has given me great inspiration as his work is so abstract and interesting and definitely doesn’t follow the female form; but adds interesting and strange shapes.

I feel that this is something I would definitely be interested in exploring within my Degree Year and I think it would both challenge and excite me.Re-Sculpture

Johan Ku began as a graphic designer before evolving into textiles and has received critical acclaim for his knitwear range ’emotional sculpture’ which exaggerates the techniques of hand knitting and creating fashion that is abstract and artistic. His work shows that knitting can be fun, sculptural and unexpected. And definitely nothing like what a granny would do!


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