And so it begins…

Going into my third week of fourth year already! It’s been pretty busy already, but I am enjoying it! It’s been nice just drawing again. So far, there has been a drawing workshop in which we began developing our drawings and thinking on how to make motifs. I enjoyed it and I feel that I’ve been really productive with it! (Photos still to come, I’ll be taking them this week!)

There’s also the ‘dreaded’ Design Report to complete! I may have made my life slightly more difficult by deciding that I didn’t want my own business. So instead, I’m focusing on the Scottish Textile Industry. It has been pretty interesting researching it and finding designers/businesses that I can talk to, to get an idea on the ins and outs from a business perspective. But I have begun writing sections of it! Which is making me less panicked about the whole thing.

I am determined to be on top of my time management this year and I already have so many to do lists. But so far I’m managing.

Here’s to a very busy few months ahead!


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