Pom Pom Workshop!

pompom1Today, I attended a pom pom workshop run by Hilary Grant at the DCA in Dundee.

Initially when I saw the post about the workshop I thought it would just be making pom poms, but there was so much more to it!

Hilary talked with us about colour stories and colour proportion, getting us to create yarn wrappings first before making the pom poms.

Once we had our yarn wrappings the way we wanted them, Hilary showed us how to work the pom pom makers and how to properly fasten the yarn together.

Once we got to grips with just yarn, and mixing colours and proportions,pompom6 we were introduced to different materials such as; fabric, tape and plastic. It was so interesting to realise that pom poms aren’t limited to just yarn, and depending on what you want to show, depends what you can use.

I found some silvery netting that was quite rough compared to all the yarns and tartan fabric I had previously used, and thought it would be a great contrast within the pom pom.

I felt this pom pom was my most successful. I think the colours worked well together and the difference in textures gave it an interesting twist.

Once all our pom poms were created, we were given a pompom5plastic headband to cover with silver ribbon and then we had the slightly difficult task of attaching the pom poms to said hairband.

It’s such a crazy outcome but I love it! Making pom poms can be such an easy way to customise accessories.


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