This week I found out where I’ll be placed during the Degree Show, which is pretty exciting, but also rather nerve wracking! But I am happy with my space and think I’ll be able to make it work with my collection. The rest of my week was filled with getting ever closer to finishing my range of […]

As is obvious, I have sadly neglected my blog since last year. Since returning to uni after the Christmas and New Year holiday, Textiles work has taken over! But now, there’s only a few precious weeks left and I have decided to put a lot more effort into updating my blog! I shall probably start […]

Today, I attended a pom pom workshop run by Hilary Grant at the DCA in Dundee. Initially when I saw the post about the workshop I thought it would just be making pom poms, but there was so much more to it! Hilary talked with us about colour stories and colour proportion, getting us to create […]

Life as a Degree Year Student begins.

Whilst doing some research for my fast approaching final year, I came across a very experimentative knitwear designer, Johan Ku. For my final project the basis of my idea has stemmed from ‘geometric’, which I had began within the SDC Competition brief in 3rd year. When having my talk with my tutors before the official beginning […]

The world of technology is forever evolving and it is clear that this development is important to the future of design. Many designers make use of the 3D printers that are becoming more impressive the further the technology is experimented with. But now, a man called Gerard Rubio has created a knit machine that works […]

With the fast approaching Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Glasgow has went all out in showcasing the varied and diverse culture of Scotland. Ranging from the people of Scotland, to our industry. So it’s no surprise that they wished to highlight one of the successful industries that is popular all over the world; Harris Tweed. A […]

Sitting here with my Mac, with so many tabs open, with many different news articles, blog entries and twitter feeds full of information about the Scottish Knitting Industry in preparation for my Design Enterprise essay. The essay was originally meant to be a business proposal on your very own business plan. But after a very […]

Today was our very last lecture for this semester which was actually pretty disappointing since I have enjoyed attending the lectures every week and getting to listen to really interesting and diverse designers working in the real world. Our first speaker today was Alisdair McGill who is a finance director and helps businesses be better with […]

Whilst doing research for my new hand knitting project (which is a continuation of the theme I had for my SDC Competition Brief) I came across a knitwear label I hadn’t encountered before. Micaela Greg! The label is run by sisters Marie and Karen Potesta. The knits caught my eye as their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection had […]