1. College Work

This section displays the work I did during my time at Langside College (2009-2011). This work went on to become my portfolio that I submitted to Duncan of Jordanstone when applying to their first year course.

Before leaving Langside, some of my work was purchased by the college and displayed within the building.




2. First Year DJCAD

This section contains the work I did whilst in First Year of DJCAD, between 2011-2012. The work produced during the year was then submitted to the Textiles Department of DJCAD for approval before my acceptance into second year.

Within first year many different projects were given, varying from one week long to four weeks long. Nearing the end of our first year, we were then given a chance to sample differing coursing that the College provided, such as Textiles, Illustration and Graphics.





3. Second Year DJCAD

ta da bb This section displays the work that I did during my second year of DJCAD (2012-2013), in my chosen discipline; Textiles.

During the year we were given two modules to complete, both eleven weeks long. The first Material Matters and the second Border Crossings.






4. Third Year DJCAD

forblog161This section shows the work I completed during my third year of DJCAD (2013-2014).

Unlike second year, the two semesters each contained more than one project. Semester 1 being the RSA Competition and then Pattern and Composition.

Semester 2 was the SDC Competition, the Bradford Competition and a hand knitting project to finish off the year.





5. Final Year DJCAD (work in progress!)

akfhasThis section showcases the work from my Degree Year at DJCAD (2014-2015).




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